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  • Build an institution of excellence for multidisciplinary, multi-sector, multi-ethnic and multinational Research, Advocacy, and Training which will build bridges by engaging hitherto ignored players and unheard voices.
  • Stimulate greater public awareness and education on national and international issues through a programme of seminars, conferences, workshops and informal conversations, publications, exhibitions, educational activities and media relations.
  • Provide access to residential facility for research, writing, reflection and publication.
  • Support, collaborate and affiliate with centres of higher learning in Ghana and abroad.
  • To educate a generation of young scholars, adolescents and students, and teachers through mentoring programmes such as fellowship and internships by senior expects, educators and administrators.
  • Create a congenial environment for cultural orientation, discourse and exchange among Ghanaian ethnic groups; and in addition, between Ghanaians, the members of the African Diaspora and the international community.
  • To harness the potentials of information and communication technology (ICT) in education and development.

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